Shallene McGrath

Kerouac’s Shotgun

I want to ride Keroac’s shotgun
And ride it
Until I can make
That cool steel crazy Daddy-O
A whole straight through my head
Loose as a screw
Buried like an ostrich head
Into the society and lore
Of a mission door
Filled with casks of cheap wine
Wrapped in dirty heavy coat jackets
Up against a brick wall
Up against a dumpster
Up against the hard end of humanity
I want to ride it
In a vinyl black back sea
On a seraph summer day
Peeling my thighs off the cushion
Leaving sweaty angel wings
Drawing in intensity
Up against a coastal shore
Up against a sea
Bigger and wider
Than a mind spans horizon
And a seven mile city
Dot on a map
I want to ride
The back of that crazy cat
Into the heart of that rebel
Benzedrine scene
Without the pain
Of jazz angles being
Stuck into me
Swallowed down my esophagus trail
Down to the pit of manic
I want to give it
Caterpillar screw
And then try and learn something new
I want to kiss jack’s king cat daddy blow
And use it
And suck it
And fuck it
And make long
Oh, so long
Drawn out
Black smith pounding steel on anvil
Furnace love
To that read hot
Bullet shot
Like a tequila beauty whole
Spread the legs of my mind open wide
And roll in time with the double barrel boom
Like a California quake
And shake the room
Without sufficient protection
From some 12 gauge cum
Maybe grow something inside of me
That takes on a new identity
Outside the bloom
Of Keroac’s